Philadelphia Freelance Web Designer

I am a freelance web designer and WordPress developer building websites for nonprofits, brands, and creative agencies in Philadelphia.


Hello, I’m Matthew Hunt. With over 18 years of professional web design experience, I have the skills and talent you need for any modern website design project. My web design career started in Philadelphia and I have served clients in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area since 2008.


As a WordPress Developer living in Philadelphia, I gained experience working in multiple roles. I’ve worked with local agencies, small businesses, highly distinguished institutions, and amazing nonprofit organizations. Although WordPress is my specialty, I also have experience in other content management systems and platforms such as Craft CMS, Shopify, HubSpot and Drupal.

Because of my experience and time spent on design and development projects, I’ve become proficient in a wide range of web design-related skills. These capabilities enable me to effortlessly design beautiful user experiences that exceed clients’ goals and expectations every time.


I’m available for new web design projects, custom web development (especially WordPress), performance optimization, WordPress consulting, and search engine optimization. I often work as an independent contractor for design agencies while providing design, development and website maintenance services to clients of Afteractive, the web design and WordPress development company I started in 2012 after moving to Orlando, FL. I work remotely with my clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from my office in Orlando. When necessary, I travel to Philadelphia to meet with clients.

Latest Work

You can find my latest design work on Dribbble, learn more about my experience on LinkedIn, or contact me to discuss any project opportunities.

Multiple Roles.

18 Years of Experience.

WordPress Expert

WordPress Consulting, WordPress Maintenance, WordPress Support, WordPress Training, WordPress Custom Themes & Plugins


Web Design, UI Design, Logo Design, Graphic Design

Project Manager

Strategic Website Planning, Project Coordination, Project Communication

Web Developer

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Twig, Sass