Larry Langton Professional Filmmaker

Larry Langton is a Professional Filmmaker in the Philadelphia Area. His professional film work needed a new place to shine. For Larry, I design and created a completely customized content management system in WordPress to allow him to add projects quick and painlessly. The website had a number of unique content needs. In the WordPress backend, custom post types were created for projects. Each page created has the ability to select any project created. Each project has a number of custom content fields for client, roles, format, image, Vimeo video and duration.

The site uses ajax functionality so that the pages load fast and videos only load on request (when a project is selected for viewing). We took a minimalistic approach to the design. Since we would be displaying video projects and stunning imagery, it was important to clear any noise from the content.

The end result was astounding. Larry was extremely pleased and the new site has allowed him to show his professional work in a professional manner. He was amazed at just how easy and maintainable the site is.