WordPress Web Design for Philadelphia

Philadelphia WordPress Web Design

I create advanced and customized WordPress content management experiences. I truly make things easy and intuitive and all of my clients using WordPress now to manage their site are trilled with it. The sites I setup are painless to manage and the custom design never breaks.

When completely custom WordPress Design and an Advanced WordPress developer is needed

When you are trying to solve a problem that needs custom WordPress development, I can help! I design and develop custom websites with WordPress. I am a formally-trained designer and a self, seasoned front-end web developer with over a decade of continuing education in web design, development and WordPress. WordPress is the content management system I specialize in and prefer for my clients. WordPress powers the site’s back-end interface and makes website management easy.

Why I design and create themes from scratch instead of using marketplace WordPress themes

Marketplace WordPress themes and templates try to fit too many websites.Marketplace themes are difficult to maintain and can suffer from performance issues.

Don’t settle for a bloated theme that is confusing to use!  Instead, create a site that truly fits your brand!  I have proficiency in custom WordPress development through formal training and industry experience. I customize WordPress much differently.

How I create unbreakable web design layouts in WordPress

By creating custom fields and interfaces unique to each type of page, I give the content editor full content management capabilities without the risk of compromising the original integrity of the design.

WordPress Capabilities and Practices

  • Custom-designed WordPress themes from scratch
  • Customizing the back-end for specific content manager needs.
  • Implementations are 99% free of WordPress Shortcodes. I do not make content managers use shortcodes. Shortcodes are a cheap solution for content management and are unreliable in preserving the integrity of the design. Shortcodes are not intuitive for content managers and interfere with the natural flow of publishing content and require memorization.
  • Minimal usage of plugins, clean back-end configurations to minimize load.
  • Plugins used only for enhanced features, not for adding front-end features like mobile versions or homepage sliders. These things can be developed instead in the custom-built theme and thus maximized for performance.
  • Best practices in WordPress security
  • Database backups
  • Custom post types for creating multiple types of content such as products, events, sessions, speakers, faqs, projects, and anything that fits specific content needs.
  • Custom fields to ensure that the theme layout never breaks and that each element of the page matches the exact design specifications.