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Below are my latest resources related to web design, development, drupal, wordpress, seo, freelance, design, web typography, css3, html5, mobile and jQuery. The links below show what I’ve been reading, learning and browsing everyday.

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  • Adding a related content view in Drupal 7 | Metachunk – Create view (block)<br />
    Add fields (title, a small image, date, whatever you like). Or teasers, what works as well.<br />
    "Arguments" is from now on called "Contextual filters", so go there.<br />
    Add the filter: "Content: Has taxonomy term ID"<br />
    Configuration on this filter: -> When the filter value is NOT in the URL: -> Provide default value -> Type: Taxonomy Term ID from URL -> under that, check the box "Load default filter from node page, that's good for related taxonomy blocks." -> now check the boxes of the taxonomies you want involved here<br />
    Now you need to add the second filter in order to exclude the current node from the list. Click [+] button of the contextual filters section.<br />
    Select Content: Nid<br />
    Set the 'when argument is not present' to 'Provide default argument'<br />
    Set the 'Default argument type' to 'Content ID from URL'<br />
    Go to "MORE" , and check the "Exclude" box.<br />
    Add a block to your view and embed the block on your node pages<br />
    Save your view
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