About This Site



I am very exited to release this version of mhuntdesign.com. The project started in mid-2012 and finally in Q4 of 2013 I have launched the site. There was a version from 2012 that was never launched and the 2013 design went through a number of revisions. When you design for yourself, I guess you are your worst critic.


The site was first created in 2007 and was re-launched in 2008. This site has been re-designed more than 10 times during the past 5 years, but this version is only the 3rd version to be released on the web. The site was originally made to make connections in the Philadelphia area, to grow my skills by taking on extra projects while I worked full-time at DLC Solutions in Philadelphia. The last version served me very well. Nearly all of my freelance clients were people who found me through my website. For the past 4 years, this site ranked #1 in Google for ‘Philadelphia Freelance Web Designer’.


The site’s primary purpose is make it easy for people to me so that I may have an opportunity to provide professional web design and development to the Greater Philadelphia area. In the past this site was optimized for SEO, but since adding too many keywords within my content has shown to impact the quality of my site, I decided to do less of that and more of showing off my work and capabilities. So now, this site’s primary focus is on showcasing my work and generating leads from the Philadelphia area is secondary. Since moving to Orlando, FL in 2012, mhuntdesign.com has been a way for people to connect with me, if they don’t mind working with a developer remotely.


This is what I would like to call version 3 of mhuntdesiogn.com. It is built completely on WordPress and uses the same content management features and solutions I implement for my own clients. The site is responsive and is current utilizing bootstrap 3 and fontawesome. It uses Adobe Typekit to serve fonts.

What’s Next

I am planning to add more projects and more pages to describe services. I hope to continue to share more about my process and methods through my blog and content pages.

Special Thanks

To all my clients in Philly and NJ, and to the agencies in Philadelphia who have given me some great projects and experience over the years: DLC Solutions, Paragraph, Inc and Untuck Design.